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Bazzano, since ever a border town, is situated at the western end of the province of Bologna, on the border with the province of Modena, alongside the Samoggia river.

Its strategic location offers an easy access to the most interesting spots of the two provinces, and places it as a mandatory passage point for those people coming from Bologna and willing to take the modenese side of the Wines and Tastes Path " Castles Cherries City ". From Bazzano you can easily reach Vignola, the most famous Cherry City, Spilamberto, home of the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar museum and "Terre dei Castelli Union" municipalities.

Bazzano is enough "urban", there is an hospital, a shopping mall, movie theaters and terminal stations of public transport, but at the same time sufficiently "provincial" to preserve the pleasantness of the surrounding environment, the integrity of its monumental evidence, the liveliness of its ancient and recent traditions.
Bazzano is also a city of art with its Fortress of Bentivoglio, which dominates the town, the heart of the city's cultural activities. The archaeological museum " Crespellani " and the inter municipal Mediatheca are hosted in the halls of the Fortress.

Bazzano is a Slow Food city.

Bazzano is a member of the " Slow Food City " network and its high quality of life is expressed in small gestures like taking a break in the central square, every Saturday morning hosting one of the most important markets of the province, and annually many parties and events among which the Bazzanese Fall.