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Crespellano (about 10,000 inhabitants) is located between the high plains and rolling hills, on the border with the province of Modena, between the Via Emilia and the Bazzanese road.

The agricultural tradition, still strong and alive, is evidenced by the geometry of the plain, where it is still possible to admire the crossroads of the ancient farmhouses centuries.

It is in this scenario that, from the seventeenth century onwards, the country residences of the leading senatorial families, who made up the Bolognese nobility, have started rising up.

Crespellano today is "Land of Villas" and there is a yearly calendar of openings and guided tours in the villas and oratories of the territory, little gems of architecture that have surprised and amaze all visitors .

Cozy is the old town with its historic Palazzo Garagnani, cultural center of city life, the parish church of San Savino, with its bell tower on which is placed a sundial, and the City Hall.

The city center comes alive in mid- September, with the long-awaited Festa Fiera; there are also several cultural events, overall the theater season and the performances of the Temperie Theatre of Calcara.